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The Website Design Process

At Cyber Solutions, we feel strongly that one of the most important aspects of the website design process is effective communication with our customer. Our web design process ensures that our customers are always "in the loop".
Working with the customer we create a detailed proposal that includes an outline for the site/project.
Scope of Work
Cyber Solutions will create a written Scope of Work defining the project objectives, deliverables, timing and cost. This document is the outline of the project and provides both parties with an understanding of the project expectations.
Cyber Solutions will create a timeline identifying project deliverables and milestones.
Site Review - In Progress
By accessing a private directory, our customers always have the opportunity to review and approve their work in progress.
Site Review - Completed Site
We review the completed web site together and ensure that all project expectations have been met or exceeded.
Live on the Internet
Web site is uploaded and is live on the 'net.
Cyber Solutions provides your organization with all training needed to get the most from your web investment.
Technical Support
Cyber Solutions provides complete technical support for any questions you may have or difficulties you may encounter.

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