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With so many options available, where does the small business owner begin?

Cyber Solutions specializes in working with small business owners to develop an appropriate Internet strategy for their business.

Your Business

We start by learning about your business, your market, your customers and competitors. The next step is to review your current marketing efforts and your short and long term goals for your business.

The Competition

Once we have this information we turn to the Internet and begin looking at your competition. What are they doing with their sites? How well are they positioned in the search engines? Taking a quick look at your competition gives us a rough idea of what's being done in your industry/market at the present time.

Your "Wish List"

The next step is to work with our customer to develop a "wish list" - if there were no constraints what would they like from their site? Based on our experience and research we often make additional suggestions that we feel add value. We use this final "wish list" as the basis for creating a plan to going forward.

The Plan

Based on our customer's constraints (cost, timing, priorities, etc.) we put together a comprehensive plan detailing our findings and recommendations. We identify the different options available and provide a detailed explanation of each option.

Typically we will identify both short and long term recommendations structured in such a way that the long term recommendations build on what will be done to achieve the short term goals minimizing any duplication of effort.

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